Pictures of British Railways Standard Class 9F

"Evening Star" No.92220 is being constructed from an Acorn Transport Age kit. Pictures of finished model.

Without the smokebox door fitted Evening Star looks as if it has gone supernova!

Just to be different 92220 is to be coupled to a BR1C tender.

Insides exposed

Chassis parts still to fit: brake gear, pony-track guard irons and cylinder drain cocks & piping. Evening Star is powered by a Buhler JH type motor coupled to a 25:1 ABC gearbox. This combination provides good control/power at low speed and a scale top speed of 80-90 mph with the 5ft wheels of the 9F. I built the chassis with the axle bearings mounted the conventional way, instead of from the inside as Jim instructs. Fitting from the outside affords plenty of side-play in the axles which proved more than adequate for curves of just under 6 foot radius. With the completion of the valve-gear I have found that I need to reduce some of the sideplay on the leading and second axles - getting the odd click from the motion! Not to mention electrical shorting of the off-side leading driver to the slidebar support bracket.


More bits to fit: steam piping from the topside mounted fountain.

This must be one of the best jigsaw puzzles ever. My initial thought was to replace the whitemetal pipes with copper wire. However, I've changed my mind and I am going to paint them copper instead as I shall be painting the glands-nuts, injectors, etc. brass. The trick here is polish the whitemetal prior to spraying which results in a really smooth finish and takes Humbrol paints extremely well. By the time the paint finish has been let-down it should be difficult to tell the different - I hope!

Two views of the right-hand pipework

Just to show that not everything runs to plan, I've had to replace some of the whitemetal pipes with copper wire in order to get them to fit! A good deal of compromise was required to fit all the bits, hopefully the general effect has been captured! I still can't get use to the strange places BR loco's had their whistles.


"An expression of time & distance"

Evening Star pictured alongside BR Std Class 7 Morning Star. Note Morning Star is modelled with the motion in full gear, which was a right fiddle!

Pictures of finished model